Innisfail Carpet Cleaning Bonus Package 

Everybody in Innisfail, QLD 4860, Babinda QLD 4861, Mirriwinni QLD 4871 can benefit from this exclusive bonus package.

To be eligible for the Bonus Package all you have to do is purchase carpet cleaning for your home (minimum booking charge 3 bedrooms) and you will receive a free maintenance cockroach treatment for your home. Peter & Pauls has five bonus packages per week, call now to see if one is available for your home in Innisfail.   

Innisfail, Mirriwinni and Babinda residents take advange of this great carpet cleaning offer today and make a booking.

What is involved in the package? 

  • Bonus Package subject to availability,
  • Residents of Innisfail,
  • Domestic or Rental Home (minimum booking charge 3 bedrooms),
  • Prices are calculated at what rooms are cleaned "get a quote today",
  • Free maintenance Cockroach treatment at the residence that the carpets are cleaned at only,
  • Free maintenance cockroach treatment (as below).
  • Must have town water.


Vacating a rental? See our carpet/ flea package

Treatment areas CockroachesMaintenance TreatmentFull  Treatment
Treat around all walls  ✔  ✔
Treat around skirting boards  ✔
Treat all kitchen cupboards X  ✔
Treat bathroom cupboards X  ✔
Treat all wardrobes X  ✔
Treat all doors X  ✔
Treat Windows X  ✔
Under Fridges  X  ✔
Under Dishwashers   X  ✔
 Treat Shed  X  
 Warranty Period   X  

 Having Cockroach Problems?

Upgrade to a Full Cockroach Treatment today..  

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