Saver Deluxe Cleaning Package 

This package has been designed for the Client who wants all of their furniture moved and cleaned under. The bonus with this package is that by moving furnishings out of rooms yourself, you can also save money on cleaning.  

Please be aware there must be easy access to the carpets to be cleaned, to receive the savings on this package. Furniture moved to the side of the room does not allow our technician easy access to clean. Therefore, all furniture on carpeting must be moved completely out of the room and placed as to not obstruct our technician cleaning.

If you only want to move furniture to the side of the room, this is not the package for you. See our Super Deluxe package or Premium Deluxe package

What do I do to prepare for the carpet cleaner?

  • Move furniture out of carpeted room/s [and place out of carpet cleaner’s way].
  • Vacuum your carpets and pick up bits and pieces off the floor.

What is involved in the Deluxe Package?

1. Inspection and fibre identification

Our technician will inspect your carpets to identify the carpet fibre and any stains that require treatment.

Our technicians will advise what stains will require additional treatment to remove and the costs of removal [if any] associated. [Please note: many stains and marks will be removed in the cleaning process]

2. Pre-Spray

The carpets will be pre-sprayed with our high-quality carpet shampoo to remove dust and dirt and basic stains. This shampoo can be used to clean even the most delicate wool blend carpets.

3. Stain Removal 

Stains will be treated and removed as advised.

4. Steam Cleaning

The carpets will then be cleaned using the hot water extraction or steam cleaning method by agitating the carpet shampoo and rinsing with clean water removing all chemical residue.

5. Deodoriser is applied to carpets

Our Technician will apply a deodoriser to carpets, which will kill germs while the carpet is drying.  

How can I speed up the dry time? 

Open windows and turn on ceiling fans in carpeted rooms to speed up the drying time.

Avoid staining your carpets 

Do not place furnishings back on carpets until they are completely dry, as furniture stains may be transferred onto carpeting. Or place aluminium foil under legs to protect carpet from furniture.  


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