Bonus Package-Terms

What is involved in the package? 

  • Bonus Package subject to availability.
  • This package is only available when the promotion is running in your area.
  • Domestic or Rental Home (minimum booking charge three bedrooms).
  • Prices are calculated at what rooms are cleaned "get a quote today".
  • Free maintenance Cockroach treatment at the residence that the carpets are cleaned at only.
  • Free maintenance cockroach treatment (as below).
  • Must be connected to town water.
  • Bonus Package governed by our terms of trade, where applicable. 
  • Not available with any other offer or package promoted by Peter & Paul's.

  Vacating a rental? See our carpet/flea package 

Treatment areas CockroachesMaintenance TreatmentFull  Treatment
Treat around all walls  ✔  ✔
Treat around skirting boards  ✔
Treat all kitchen cupboards X  ✔
Treat bathroom cupboards X  ✔
Treat all wardrobes X  ✔
Treat all doors X  ✔
Treat Windows X  ✔
Under Fridges  X  ✔
Under Dishwashers   X  ✔
 Treat Shed  X  
 Warranty Period   X  

 Having Problems with Cockroaches?

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