Urine Odours in Carpets 

What can be done about Urine Odours?

If your pet urinates on the carpets, you are going to have an odour problem. Just cleaning the urine from the top fibres will not remove any urine staining or odour. As urine will have penetrated through the carpet into the carpet backing, through the underlay and onto the flooring or slab. Quite often homeowners can be mistaken in thinking that Fido or Kitty has just urinated in one area, over in the corner. However, cats and dogs will return to the scene of the crime and keep urinating in the same area or close to the same area. Which by the time that the pet owner has realised this has happened, a little problem has become a big problem. 

What to do if my carpets have lots of Urine.

When carpets are contaminated by a large extent of urine, it is unlikely that the carpeting is salvageable. As the carpeting and carpet underlay, as well as the flooring or slab underneath, will need to be treated to decontaminate. As the price of carpeting, a room has become more reasonable, depending on the quality of the carpeting. It is usually more economically viable to replace the carpet and underlay and then decontaminate the flooring. 

One or two spots of Urine.

Once urine has been located, it can then be treated with a urine decontaminate formulation that removes urine crystals and stains. Then an antimicrobial that is specific to neutralising urine odour and killing bacteria is applied. 


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