Saver Deluxe Cleaning Package 

This package has been designed for the Client who wants all of their furniture moved and cleaned under. The bonus with this package is that by moving furnishings out of rooms yourself, you can also save money on cleaning.  

Please be aware there must be easy access to the carpets to be cleaned, to receive the savings on this package. Furniture moved to the side of the room does not allow our technician easy access to clean. Therefore, all furniture on carpeting must be removed out of the room and placed as not to obstruct our technician cleaning.

If you only want to move furniture to the side of the room, this is not the package for you. See our Super Deluxe package or Premium Deluxe package

What do I do to prepare for the carpet cleaner?

  • Move furniture out of carpeted room/s [and place out of carpet cleaner’s way].
  • Vacuum your carpets and pick up bits and pieces off the floor.

See more information on Deluxe Packages  

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