Superior Carpet Care Package.

Go on tell everyone your secret to great looking carpets. 

Ask us about our Superior Carpet Care Package; it consists of a deep cleansing shampoo, cleaned with our state of the art truck mounted equipment. Followed by our technician professionally applying our carpet protector, Rhino Shield. It will leave your carpets completely sanitised, looking clean, protected from re-soiling, staining and smelling as fresh as a daisy.


Did you know the Superior Carpet Care Package removes dirt, perspiration, and basic stain removal? 

Our high-quality carpet care shampoos remove dirt, perspiration and perform basic stain removal. This superior package also kills dust mites removes dust, dirt, pollens, micro-organisms, mould spores, and heavy metals from your carpeting. All of our carpet care products adhere to Australian Standard 3733, for your peace of mind.  

How does the Superior Carpet Care Package completely sanitise your carpeting?

Our state of the art truck mounted equipment delivers a high powered clean, performing at the optimal heat of 180 °. To clean and sanitise your carpets, removing dirt, killing germs and bacteria, leaving your carpets safe for you and your family to enjoy. We know you want to get on with your day, so our machinery has superior vacuum to assist in a quick dry. 

What comes after the clean? 

Once cleaning is completed, our technician will apply our carpet protectant, Rhino Shield. This product will fortify your carpet to resist re-soiling, staining and assist in maintaining its colour vibrancy.

What other added benefits does the Superior Carpet Care package offer? 

An added benefit after cleaning is when you vacuum, your vacuum cleaner will just glide over your carpets. The Superior carpet care package makes your carpets safe for you and your family to live on & enjoy.

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