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Moving in Cairns (Northern Beaches to Gordonvale), Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Mossman, Port Douglas, Innisfail, Babinda?

All you need to know about, bond cleaning, vacate cleaning, end of lease cleaning, moving out cleaning, rental exit cleaning. 

Are you vacating a rental property? If so, Peter & Pauls Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control can help you. We offer Cairns and surrounding areas renters three specialised services to save you time and money. Let’s face it, the last thing that you want to do when you vacate a property is to have to keep returning to it. Stop waiting around for multiple tradespeople at your vacated property. Just make one phone call, and you will get three specialists, carpet cleaning, pest control and bond cleaning services.  

Rental Deals for Carpet Cleaning / Pest Control & Bond Cleaning   

Things about vacating, that you may not know.

When vacating your rental property (to ensure a rental bond refund), your lease agreement states that you are to return your property to as close as practicable to how the property was rented out, fair wear and tear accepted.

Therefore if you stain carpets, mattresses or upholstery, while you are living at the property you will need to get the stains removed, to return the property to its original state. 

Where do I start cleaning when vacating a rental? 

Step 1.- Complete your General Cleaning.

When vacate cleaning it is best to clean from top to bottom. So all general cleaning such all walls, windows, kitchen, oven, bathroom, curtains, blinds, should all be cleaned first. Then vacuum and mop hard flooring. Last but not least, vacuum carpets removing all surface litter from them, this will prepare the carpets for the carpet cleaner.    

If you are booking a general cleaner for your vacate clean (in Cairns or surrounding towns), get them in the day before your carpet cleaner. That way all your service providers are not tripping over each other to do their job. Also, check with the general cleaner that they include vacuuming carpeted areas in their quote.

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Step 2.- Your Carpet Cleaning should be done after your general cleaning is finished. 

If you have carpeted rooms in your rental property, it will state in your lease that you will need to get them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. It is essential to prepare your carpets by vacuuming them first before your carpet cleaner arrives.

Have you spilt anything on your carpets? Stain Removal 

Have you accidentally spilt tea, coffee, candle wax, makeup, blue tack, chewing gum, grease, sunscreen on your rental carpets? Many stains can be removed without too many headaches or too much cost.

Peter & Paul's carpet cleaning technicians are trained in all stain removal. For more information see specialised stain removal   

 Was your rental property Furnished?. 

If you have rented a furnished property, it is usually stated in your lease agreement. That you will also have to get fabric furnishings such as lounge suites, dining suites, and mattresses cleaned by a professional. You can check what you need to do for your particular property, in your lease agreement under “special conditions”. 

Step 3. - Did you have pets residing on your rental property?  

If you had a pet living at the property, your lease agreement would also state, that you need to have a pest treatment done on the property. Usually a flea or flea/tick treatment. Please check your lease agreement, or check with your agent.    

Peter and Pauls Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control are happy to assist you, with the services that you require to get a speedy bond refund. Call us today for a quotation or email us via our free quote request

Do I have to get any other pest control done when I vacate my rental property?

It is always a good idea to check your lease agreement before vacating. It will be stated under special conditions if you are required to get pest control such as cockroaches, etc. treated when vacating. 

Peter and Pauls Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Service areas: - Cairns, Innisfail, Babinda, Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Kuranda, Port Douglas and Mossman. 

A problem with stains? 

Save $ on Combined Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Packages in Cairns and surrounding areas.

Peter & Pauls Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control have a discounted rate for empty rental properties that both carpet cleaning and pest control services are required. Give us a call or email our office for a quote today.     

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