Carpet Steam Cleaning Cairns

What method of carpet cleaning does Peter & Paul's Carpet Cleaning use?

Peter & Paul’s Carpet Cleaning use Steam Cleaning, also known as the Hot Water Extraction method when cleaning your carpeting. Steam Cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning for carpet manufacturers. We operate truck-mounted machinery with high vacuum power for rapid drying. Which is important as Cairns, south to Innisfail including the Atherton Tablelands are some of the wettest areas in Australia. Our truck-mounted machinery ensures your home is operational again quickly.    

How does steam cleaning work?

This method of cleaning uses the same principle that all Cairns and surrounding areas homemakers are familiar with, it is a similar process to your washing machine. The carpets are vacuumed before steam cleaning to remove surface dirt and litter. The carpet is pre-sprayed with a carpet shampoo, then agitated. Any stains that do not come out with the pre-spray are treated with an appropriate stain removal chemical. Next, the steam cleaner fires hot water to the bottom of the carpet pile and simultaneously the water is extracted out. As well as dirt, dust, germs, and the cleaning chemicals into our large truck-mounted commercial steam cleaning machine. The Removal of all chemical residue, leaves your carpets clean, fresh, sanitised and chemical free. Steam cleaning is the closest we can get to a  treat, wash, rinse and spin-dry of your carpets. Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as the superior method of cleaning carpets. 

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Cairns Homeowners, the immediate benefits for you are clean, sanitised carpets that are much easier to vacuum and maintain. 

Steam Cleaning is also recommended as the best method of cleaning, as it kills dust mites and removes dust, dirt, pollens, micro-organisms, mould spores and heavy metals from your carpeting. These are all typical pollutants that get trapped in Cairns and surrounding areas carpets. The Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) tested and trialled all forms of carpet cleaning and found that regular steam cleaning of carpets adds around 24% to the lifespan of carpet.  

What type of carpet cleaning products and equipment does Peter & Paul's use?

It does not matter if you live in Mossman, Port Douglas, Cairns, Innisfail or across the Atherton Tablelands to Mareeba. Peter & Pauls Carpet Cleaning use only high-quality carpet care shampoos and stain removal products that adhere to AS3733 for your peace of mind. Our state of the art truck mounted equipment leaves your carpet clean, sanitised and as fresh as a daisy.

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