Flooded Carpets

Have you had localised flooding in your home?

Sprung a leak, a busted water or drain pipe, hole in the roof, flooding, sewage leak?

Peter & Pauls are your local flood restoration specialists. 

Peter & Paul’s Carpet Cleaning is specialised in handling any of these problems. We use the latest equipment to dry out carpeting, walls, furnishings etc. thoroughly. As flood restoration is a specialised field, it is essential to deal with an operator who has been trained to contain, disinfect and remove the water contamination.

How do Peter & Paul's return my property back to its dry state and is that important?  

We return your property to its original dry state as quickly as possible using dehumidifiers and turbofans. The quick removal of moisture is essential to stop the growth of biological contaminants such as mould and mildew, as well as prevent your property being water damaged.

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