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 The Only Far North Qld Carpet Cleaning Company; licensed by the Qld Government to treat termites.

As Paul is a perfectionist, he didn’t want to learn just the basics of pest control. So he also trained to treat more specialised pests such as the removal of termites in domestic and commercial properties. As such Peter & Paul’s is the only carpet cleaner/ pest control company in Cairns that can service your home for subterranean termites.

  1. Peter & Paul’s is fully licensed and equipped to deal with any of your timber pest problems.
  2. Timber Pest Inspections
  3. Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections.
  4. Timber Pest Treatments on buildings. 

Cairns is a heavy subterranean termite zone.  

Cairns and surrounding areas are in a high termite zone. All significant termite species that attack buildings are found in Cairns and surrounding areas. Termites do more damage to properties than all natural disasters together including cyclones and fires. It is crucial for homeowners to regularly have their property inspected by a qualified timber pest inspector.  

Subterranean Termite Inspection and Treatment Licensing Requirements. 

All pest controllers by law must hold a  Pest Management Technician License. Also since 2000, to inspect for subterranean termites and perform treatments to control termites inside buildings domestic or commercial, the technician must retain a Queensland Building and Construction Commission  [QBCC] License. The QBCC is the government statutory authority established to regulate the building industry of which treating termites in housing comes under. So have peace of mind with the service provider you choose to treat or inspect your home, check their license is valid.      

PMT-O-11524; QBCC 741690

What to look for in a Pest Controller.

When choosing a pest controller in Cairns, make sure you deal with a local. 

Paul, our Chief Technician, was born in Cairns; he knows the life cycle, anatomy, and biology of all pests that plague Cairns homes.

Professional tailored treatments for your home. 

We supply professional treatments, tailored to your needs for the control of ants, rodents, fleas, spiders, bird lice, silverfish, ticks, just to name a few.


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