Specialised Stain Removal for Carpets. 

Have you ever spilt red wine, coffee, red cordial, chocolate, makeup, or maybe sunscreen on your carpet or upholstery?

The very first thing that most people do after spilling something on their carpet is they go into panic mode. So before you research all the homemade carpet stain removers on the internet, or run out and buy stain removers from the supermarket shelf, “stop”, don’t panic. I can help you, save time and money.  


What is the simple four step stain removal procedure? 

  1. The best and most successful procedure for home stain removal is, for solid spills scoop up as much as possible with a spoon, then blot from the edge of the spill towards the centre using a clean white towel or paper towel. Tip a little plain water on the stained area and blot all moisture out with a white towel or paper towels.
  2. Do not rub or scrub a stain, as too much agitation can damage the carpet fibres and dye sites, this can lead to making the stain permanent. Allow to dry naturally, or use a fan.
  3. Call a qualified professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain. You may be thinking “I can’t live with the stain until I get a carpet cleaner in”. If stain removal is approached in the wrong way, it can turn from a stain until you get the carpet cleaner in, to permanent staining. 
  4. Check that your carpet cleaner has had experience in stain removal.

Do Homemade Stain Removal Remedies really work?  

Sometimes homemade remedies will appear like they have removed the offending stain. However, if they are soapy, generally they will just hide the stain for a while. Then when the humidity increases, the area will become sticky and a dirty mark will appear. Soapy products need to be removed entirely from the carpeting to avoid this. This is where Peter & Paul’s comes in, as when we clean your carpeting, we will pre-spray with carpet shampoo, spot treat stains and finish by flushing your carpeting with clean water. 

How do I remove mould and mildew from my soft furnishings such as carpets or upholstery? 

Cairns and surrounding areas have the perfect weather conditions for growing mould and mildew. If you have ever had mould or mildew growing on your favourite rug, lounge chair or suite don’t despair, Peter & Paul’s Carpet Cleaning can help you. We can thoroughly remove the mould and /or mildew and treat the spores so it will not grow back. Peter & Paul’s Carpet Cleaning have all the relevant training, stain removal products and experience in stain removal. Give us a call today or send us a free quote request.  

Please Note:

Many spills and marks will come out with a basic clean. However specialised stain removal such as dye related staining, urine stains etc., require further removal techniques and chemicals.

Our technician will be able to advise on the job before he starts cleaning, about any stains that cannot be removed with a basic clean. You will be informed of costs associated to remove stains, that will not come out with a basic clean. Then our technician will consult with you if you want to go ahead with stain removal.  

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